Capt. Mark: Dan's Papers Voted Montauk’s Best of the Best!

The official readers' choice best fishing captain in Long Island!!!









Over 40 years professionally fishing Montauk!

For me, fishing has never been a job, it is my passion. I am a serious full time, year round fisherman. Fishing has been my only career.

I have been professionally fishing the waters off Montauk as both a commercial and sport fisherman for over 40 years. I have logged over 14,000 days on the water. I have endless GPS locations in my inventory. My experience and knowledge of the local waters will help make your fishing trip a success.

I specialize in all aspects of striped bass fishing, including trolling, diamond jigging, chunking, eeling and other live bait fishing. I also specialize in all bottom fishing and target fluke, sea bass, porgy, cod, ling, blackfish, and other bottom dwellers. I can customize your trip to target multiple species in the same day.

I have a lot of experience off shore fishing and love sharking. I have caught countless sharks, including blue, brown, dusky, mako, thresher and hammerheads. I have also caught many great whites, most infamous of which was in August of 1983, a 17 foot weighing 2,400 lbs.

I take great pride in what I do and I fish with the utmost enthusiasm. I practice highly personalized and courteous service. I have the patience to teach a beginner and enjoy fishing with an expert. I guaranty professional service and 100% effort to make your day of sportfishing a memorable one!

For information on fishing charters with Capt Mark,

call 516-885-1932 or email